Traffic Control Services

We provide all types of towing services, 24 hr roadside assistance, and transport services to all over Alberta.

Professional Traffic Control Services

In addition to providing all of the expert towing, transport, and recovery services, our knowledgeable staff at SRT Towing is also capable of managing traffic. Working alongside moving cars is a common occurrence for those employed in the towing and recovery sector. For us, a priority is safety. For the protection of our clients and our employees, we actively monitor and enforce our internal and regional safety standards. Along with internal safety training and best practice guidelines, all of our operators are certified first aid providers. We have in-house mechanics who take daily care of our equipment when it comes to vehicle maintenance.

Benefits of this service

They need to know how to make a risk assessment and be safe around traffic whether they are towing automobiles out of an urban parking lane, assisting stopped drivers, or removing vehicles from an accident scene. The course exposes towing and recovery professionals to a wide range of potential scenarios. For instance, they could have to close a lane of traffic, work on a road’s shoulder, or collect cars from parking spaces. There is an increase in risk if they drive on a curved road or up a hill. As a result, our team has received comprehensive training in traffic management and car towing.

Experienced in traffic control management

We at SRT Towing have established ourselves as leaders in the field of traffic safety. Our local and on-the-ground support personnel offer cutting-edge services for traffic safety. We know about managing temporary traffic control. Large-scale projects may definitely depend on us to meet their needs. We present to you practical traffic accommodation ideas backed by sophisticated design and simulation software. This aids in preserving our accuracy. For instance, zipper merge is used for traffic that merges late. To learn more about our tactics and resources, get in touch with us.

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